Useful literature

There are some SPE papers I really liked and used in my work, will post them in comments below. May be it could help somebody to reduce time finding information he is looking for. If you had read any useful papers or books please recommend them here.

  1. Lindner, Ph., Bello, H., 2015, Eagle Ford Well Spacing: A Methodology to Integrate, Analyze, and Visualize Multisource Data in Solving a Complex Value - Focused Problem, SPE-178712-MS/URTeC:2174709
  2. Hale, B.W., Hall, R.K., 2017, Historical Terminal Decline Rates Review of Unconventional Reservoirs in the United States, SPE-185056-MS
  3. Shirman, E., 1998, Universal Approach to the Decline Curve Analysis, SPE PETSOC-98-50
  4. Abdelhafidh, F., Djebbar, T., 2001, Application of Decline-Curve Analysis Technique in Oil Reservoir Using A Universal Fitting Equation, SPE 70036
  5. Martinez, A.R., Ion, D.C., DeSorcy, G.J., Dekker,H., Smith, Shofner, Classification and Nomenclature Systems for Petroleum and Petroleum Reserves
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