Double permeability model - well connections

How tNav treats well completions assigned by depth and well trajectories in double permeability models ? Is it any way to control how it makes connections to fractures or both fractures + matrix ?

Perforation in DPDP models can be controlled via the 14th parameter of the COMPDATMD keyword

  1. completion type. This parameter should be used in conjunction with DUALPERM
    (see 13.1.85) keyword;
    In the models with double porosity (DUALPORO, see 13.1.84) perforations are created in fracture blocks only.
    The following values can be used:
    • FRAC – complete in fracture blocks only;
    • MAT – complete in matrix blocks only;
    • BOTH – complete in both fracture and matrix blocks.
    Default: FRAC.